I began this blog in February of 2009 to see what the experience would be like; others in the extended family had started blogs, so this was a bit of a “me too.” The blog is named after a fictitious family living in the future--and is the product of a retired person in his seventies. My background is diverse and includes military service and work in the private and in the public sectors. I've never worked in the media nor in academia. Brigitte and I both come from Europe. We have three grown children, five grandchildren, and two great-grand children.

Maintaining a blog is a strange sort of experience—unlike any other kind of writing I've done, and I've done all kinds. This one, in my case, is a kind of commentary mixed with looking back, and ahead, which comes naturally after the three-score and ten have run their course. The content is somewhat delimited to cultural matters, but that word understood in the broadest sense to include civilization generally, the feel of historical periods and the values that rule them. Just watching the great river flow.

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