Sunday, February 28, 2010

Technical Note

To round out a busy month filled with all manner of anniversaries, it might be appropriate to end with a note about a new technical feature that has suddenly appeared on the Blogger platform, host of Ghulf Genes. It is a “Pages” facility permitting the user to create static pages accessible either from a listing in the left or the right column (depending on template) or from tabs at the top of the blog. This feature has been available on other platforms and has obvious benefits. This morning, almost by accident—I was messing with my test blog—I discovered the new feature. How long has it been available? I don’t know and don’t want to take the time to discover, but you can see it implemented beneath the header and to the left of the screen. Welcome, “Pages.” This platform needed the new dimension. In time I’ll make use of it.


  1. Interesting; I wasn't aware of it myself. Where did you find the Pages function?

  2. After signing in, go to Customize. There go to Postings. Edit Pages is the third option under Postings. It also provides a New Page option, of course. -- Incidentally, I've tried it on the "Scribe" template that you use, Brandon, and it works there in the same way.


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