Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vanished Author Hasn't Quite

I just became aware that a one time reader of my novels has put a post on his blog today titled “Another quest to find a seemingly vanished author of my youth ends.” The post is here in its native form. In days to come it will wander deeper, I suspect. I would point to the single post itself, but when I isolate it, it causes my machine to hang. Suffice it to identify the blog. The blogger styles himself pyropyga and lists the Chicago Speculative Fiction Community as his website. That site is here. Now while all that follows is available on this site, I am indeed eager to be known to exist, what with two new novels out and a third about to issue. Therefore I will repeat here that more is to be learned about me at Dwarf Planet Press. And my Amazon.com author page is here. Amazon also lists my two latest novels. I’ve been submerged, to be sure, but now, in the Chicago community, evidently, I’ve been found. And delighted to be found!

ADDED LATER: Thanks to James Davis Nicoll's tip—he is the author of the actual post mentioned above—I now know that the post is available directly here—and without hangs of any sort. The blog is called More Words, Deeper Hole. James Nicoll's base is in Canada, but the blog platform he uses, livejournal.com, permits the sharing of entries between friends. The Chicago linkage I discovered and reported on above turns out to have been one of Nicoll's friends. The mysteries of the Internet deepen. In any case, thanks to one brief post yesterday, Ghulf Genes had an unaccustomed surge of traffic. What Me Worry? Among the visitors was David Dyer-Bennet of the Minnesota Fantasy and SF community. David wondered about rumors that I'd once been a Minnesota author. The list he maintains is here. Yes to that question too. Ah, those crisp Minnesota winters, and the crunch of the cross-country skis over snow...


  1. James Nicoll is another of your long lost readers, apparently. I, on the other hand, am likely one of your yet-to-be readers. Check back in a few months.

  2. I remember reading several novels of yours way back in the mists of the past, in SF magazines. Nice to know you're still around!

    I have a vague memory that the rumor went around at the time that you lived somewhere in the suburban twin cities; but none of the local fannish community then (late 70s I guess) seemed to know you. May I ask, for purposes of including you (or not) in my Minnesota SF, fantasy, and mystery author page, whether you should be listed there? (As I say on the page, I take a pretty liberal view of what constitutes a connection).

  3. This is a somewhat more direct route to my post:


    Happy to see your blog and good luck with the books.

  4. David: Yes, lived (and wrote) in the Twin Cities. More in a separate e-mail to you.

  5. James: Thanks for the heads up. I've sorted things, I think, and ut it all in an addendum to yesterday's post.

  6. Amazing grace! "How sweet the sound!" Chapter 14 of Anna's Song...

  7. "Pyropyga" !?
    You have got to be kidding! I came to that sobriquet and abruptly put on the brakes.

    Greek: fire + buttocks

    If we had a bic lighter, we would know for sure.


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