Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stone Motto -- REVEALED!

No sooner wished than received. Herewith, then, the final word on that inscription. I have these pictures thanks to Joe Mills, Dunbarton Oaks' own photographer. The motto is on the outer circle of the figure, shown in the last post and, again, enlarged, in the last of this particular set.

As Brandon points out in his comment to the last post, I might very well have misread the words on the fourth photograph shown, especially with a mind that, in those days, was much focused on the gearing of our economy...

Thank you, Joe! Thank you, Dunbarton Oaks. This subject is, finally, set in stone, you might say!

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  1. Wonderful. And the collaborative nature of the unraveling of the story is so nice too. Don't even get me going on the fonts...


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