Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Queen Anne's Lace

Our ground cover is Queen Anne’s Lace. It’s a very vigorous and persistent plant the name of which I only learned this morning. In England it is known as wild carrot or bishop’s lace. That royal name, Queen Anne's Lace, is used here in the democratic United States. In Latin, formally, Daucus carota.

This is the time of the plant’s glory—late May to early June. The collage shows ours in the yard, then in the sunroom from close up, finally as Brigitte has arranged it to give our sunroom table one of its ever-changing aspects this time of year. Unfailing, serene, and royally disdainful of the human horrors that disfigure the public sphere of mind, Queen Anne’s Lace reminds me to rise above it all.

A note. When it comes time to identifying plants—and I have to start with an image—I became aware of the limitations of the digital world. I can’t just give Google a picture and ask for its name. A human intermediary is unavoidable.


  1. If you think that I am a little crazy and possibly going overboard when putting vases of weeds and herbs on my table, you are right. I love nature's flowers whatever we call them...after all, we only call them that derogatory name "weeds" when they appear where WE would like grass or some other plant to grow. Looking at them individually however one can perceive their beauty.

  2. So that is Queen Anne's Lace! I had no idea. Thanks for the Queen Anne's Lace, which came to us as part of your giftof hostas. I must agree with you, Mom, that the weeds around us are often as pretty to me as the flowers.

    What is really funny is the fact that we have long tried, unsuccessfully to pull up the Queen Anne's Lace in the front yard. At the same time and unknowingly, we bought some nice ground cover for the lake side garden and only discovered when it bloomed that it is a verigated form of the same Queen Anne's Lace we thiought of as a weed in the front yard. That made me laugh and laugh when I realized.

    To the lushous growth this time of year!

  3. Oh, and I like the photo display a lot!


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