Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thin Postings but Rich Relaxation

The sudden trickling out of posts on Ghulf Genes (and elsewhere) is not a sign of trouble but of relaxation. This is the time of year when family visits come and I “get a life,” as it were. The heat has been such that I can’t get myself to go on long, rambling walks—in the course of which, looking at skies and clouds and trees and gardens—my ideas bubble to the surface. Brigitte and I discovered a wondrous green caterpillar munching away at the inhabitants of one of our dill pots. Its official name is a Black Swallowtail—the name of the butterfly it shall become. More about that later. Observing our green wonder, feeding it, studying it—has occupied days with genuine child-like pleasure already. That’s the sort of thing that’s going on. Sitting in the shade and sipping very tall glasses of iced tea. Picking up a book, reading a paragraph or two, and then putting it down again, face open, and looking at the wind moving the tops of distant trees. You get the general idea. A little excursion to Canada is in the works too, and perhaps a trip to Traverse City in Michigan (a favorite destination for us) after that. So if, here or there, something sprouts, so be it. Ghulf Genes (and LaMarotte, Borderzone) will revive soon again as the days shorten...


  1. I find this post most comforting and reassuring!
    Do enjoy the relaxation.

  2. Ah, it's the Blckswallow tail muncher that's been munching your time!


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