Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pumpkin's Progress

In this post I am keeping up with our 2010 pumpkin, the one growing out of our compost heap. This is the third appearance of this plant on Ghulf Genes, each picture one month apart. Here you see the plant’s development as recorded on June, July, and August 10th.

The plant began to flower in August, but the photograph does not show the yellow blooms.

Our very casual and eccentric “nature’s perserve,” in part hugging a narrow piece of ground against a fence, in part occupying strange towers built of bricks harvested years ago from a modernized driveway, provide us with continuous enjoyment, and the pumpkin is now a recurring phenomenon.

Now that the summer’s highlight—the visit of members of our French family to the New World—is over, we may yet proceed to do the long-postponed uproar—the replacement of our backyard apron and garage. If that process does not cause the ultimate disruption, namely the dislocation of our compost heap, we may yet be able to show you additional changes in this pumpkin’s progress, not least the fruit it will eventually bear. If the worst happens, perhaps we shall continue this story next year ...

Pumpkin, pumpkin, growing green,
In the compost’s subterrain,
If the builders break your frame,
That would be a crying shame.

Maybe we can find a place
In some shaded safer space
Where we can save your roundish fruits
From jack-the-hammer-wielding brutes.

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  1. Somehow, I missed this poem until now!
    I came down the blog entries looking for when we had our last pumpkin update and that's how I found it now. How nice. Don't forget to update us on her progress! Ours sure have not born any fruit, but lots of lovely, huge, leaves an yellow flowers.


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