Monday, October 25, 2010

Arborum Amicus

I feel a mighty resonance with posts by Michael Gilleland
Who loves all trees and weekly sings their praise on his resplendent blog.
Arboricides he doth despise; his quotes excoriate the firebrand.
Before green trees he bows in awe and mourns each sawed and lifeless log.

To check on the latest about forests in Merry Old England, see his post today.

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  1. How nice to learn that I am in very good company and I did not even know it. While not an antidiluvian curmudgeon from Minnesota,I have lived in Hopkins MN for 13 wonderful years, and I am of the same mind as Michael Gilleland. It gives me physical pain to see large old trees felled and shredded in little more than 15 minutes with our enormous and overpowering equipment. The earsplitting noise the machinery makes, resembles, in my mind, nothing so much as the "shock and awe" we are prone to inflict on the living world...


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