Thursday, July 5, 2012

Higgs' Digs

The boys—and surely also ladies—
Who run the tunnels hot as Hades
In Switzerland, a place called CERN,
Where Hadron rules and people learn
Just how matter’s put together
Has mass or is as light as feather—
The girls, I say, but most are boys,
And big colliders are their toys,
Were celebrating Peter Higgs
At their accelerated digs,
The man whose boson or whose field
They hoped, still hope, will someday yield
The necessary gravity,
Lest world becomes a cavity
Where only light-speed particles
Fly by like cyber articles;
Where things do not cohere, for mass
Is gone, was never there; and gas,
That thinnest of all stuff we know,
Would not exists. And that is so
Because if Higgs were absent from
This sphere, we cannot go or come.
There would be too much symmetry.
There wouldn’t be a galaxy.
Thank heaven therefore for the Higgs.
It surely saves our humble digs.

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