Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Elephant Eater

A lim’rick I saw on a blog,
No—not about Katie the dog.
  So neat is that verse,
  Although it is terse,
It had me just reading agog!

The fellow who wrote it is neither
A poet, a prosist, nor healer.
  Comic books are his game,
  Striking the series’ name.
It’s called the Elephant Eater.

Herewith a link to the Elephant Eater website. The referenced limerick, however, appeared on Patio Boat as a comment. I can never read a limerick without being tempted to write one. That's why they proliferate.


  1. One limerick has now become three
    Spawning faster than rabbits you see
    Prolific as tribbles
    Then scattered like kibble
    First Ryan, then Arsen, now me.

  2. Three is a kind of a seal, the magic of which we just feel.
    A fourth one can't top it, no needle can pop it
    Therefore this last line just sort of drips its hardening wax to the floor.


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