Sunday, March 3, 2013

Impatient as I am…

…to see Spring arrive, having mentioned moss pink yesterday, and noted earlier this morning,  wryly, on tang dynasty times, that in Japan this month, the third, is named (I’d say misnamed) “At Last,” I will content myself with showing a picture of moss pink beneath and behind a flowering cherry tree. The image comes from Wikipedia (link) and depicts a scene visible at the Yachounomori Garden in Tatebayashi-shi, in Gumma-ken prefecture of Japan. Thus I am simultaneously reacting to both stimuli. And time is pressing. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra, in efforts to reach the public on the fringes of the City of Detroit, is performing this afternoon music by Mozart and Haydn at the Grosse Pointe Memorial Church, originally the first Protestant church in an area that was Catholic throughout the eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries. So we are heading out…

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  1. Music is good.
    Yesterday was Wagner's Parsifal from the Met.


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