Thursday, September 11, 2014

What’s New at the Local Store

The organization called Moms Demand Action has been running an ad attacking Kroger for permitting shoppers to carry a gun while also demanding that shoppers at least wear a T-shirt before entering the store. The ad features the picture of a shirtless man and a woman holding something like an Uzi. The text beneath says: “Attention Shoppers: Kroger won’t let you insides its stores without a shirt. So why would they allow this loaded gun?” To be sure, despite decades of shopping at Kroger, I’ve yet to see anyone carrying a gun. But this ad campaign makes me imagine the future. In the future it may become mandatory to carry a gun—and to wear a T-shirt too…

At CVS yesterday I noted the roll-out of that chain’s new policy. CVS no longer sells tobacco products. However. However, the shelves behind the front counter—where cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco were sold until just recently—positively brim with nicotine products. Now the source of nicotine is by and large tobacco. Therefore CVS’ claims to be tobacco free are not strictly speaking true. Another however. It is that those nicotine products, while actually delivering the goods, are very expensive.

The End of Time, however, will not dawn until Russia embraces Prohibition—and bans tobacco. Meanwhile, let’s chew some nicotine gum.

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  1. Really?! CVS got out of the "tobacco" biz, but stayed in the nicotine business? Man, just when I think that hypocrisy has no bounds....


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