Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Little Red Devil

Thanks to John Magee’s knack with the camera—I discovered this picture on Patioboat this morning—I’m enabled to show my new Toro snow blower, operated here by Monique, which I have named, after a tremendous upsurge of original inspiration, the Little Red Devil.

Except when it comes to books, I tend to be excessively timid in purchasing anything the purpose of which is principally to free me of physical labor. I’ve spent decades admiring and envying such a device when casually used by my old neighbors at McKinley—while I used a red plastic snow shovel for the same long time and only replaced it, at last, when I had eroded a full half of its total surface!

Well, the new house, and so forth, and its seemingly endless drive, at last overcame my scruples and, in a matter of less than an hour I not only decided but also carried out the intention of owning such a thing. The Little Red Devil (touch wood) has done a great job thus far, shared communally too, not least this morning when another 1.2 inches had to be moved out of the way so that we could deploy our Honda for a trip to Sinai Huron Hospital to give blood. The sunshine you see in the picture, however, won’t show up until tomorrow.

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