Sunday, April 19, 2015

An Active Spring Beckons

Last summer’s westward move had so severely tested my powers that at the end I simply failed in strength and in determination to move the sturdy (if decaying) compost heap I’d built oh a decade or so before. But now that we are settled, and the weather warming, I’m about to make up for that failure by building a new one. It will pretty much resemble the old. With that in mind I found an old picture which I’m showing this morning by way of foreshadowing things to come.

This isn’t an aesthetic but a practical matter. And seen from that perspective our compost heap, as this structure has been called, is a thing of beauty. I spent my morning trying to remember the exact measurements of that thing. After I build the new one, no doubt the measurements of the old one will fall into my hands again in some ancient folder—and a cackling laugh of amusement will be heard inaudible somewhere over my head. But so things go unless you are excessively pedantic and orderly.

Lovely thing, isn’t it? Along with that step forward (or back into the blissful past), our huge yard,  compared to the postage stamp that served us for a quarter century on McKinley Avenue, confronts me everywhere with challenges galore so that an active Spring beckons in 2015 so that, by the time our first anniversary in Wolverine Lake arrives at least a start has been made to initiate this strange new Eden into the ways we pursue: the random-seeming order of a Butterfly Ranch. Now whether or not the butterflies will also oblige us in due time, that still remains to be seen.

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