Friday, April 2, 2010

Farewell World Focus

Tonight is the last broadcast of World Focus on Public Television. The program ran for only eighteen months, from October 6, 2008 through today. In that time it acquired an audience of 300,000 according to the program. We liked the program a great deal. It was a welcome change from the often technically flawed BBC International program that used to follow the McNeil Lehrer Report and Nightly Business Report. We were especially pleased by seeing Daljit Dhaliwal as one of its two anchors, the equally gifted Martin Savidge as the other. We got to know Daljit on BBC. World Focus, which we affectionately called World Crocus around here, provided that missing dimension in U.S. news coverage on television—international news without the peculiar slant of American Capitalism. The program’s excellent website, which will continue to operate until April 9, is reachable here. World Focus couldn’t find the foundation or public funding it needed to continue. Farewell. If you surface somewhere else, we shall watch you again…

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  1. This is sad news. While I did not watch WorldFocus every night, I did catch it at least a few times a week. The piece they ran recently on Denmark's achievements with alternative energy was a perfect example of the refreshing coverage they provided.

    I add my voice to your sad send off!


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