Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stone or Tile

The most pleasing antiquities are made of stone or tile. All metals rust (okay, Gold, shut up for a moment). And whatever inorganic matter Life has temporarily awakened, formed into bodies, and then again abandoned rapidly or slowly decays into pathetic forms. There is something dreary and sad about a cardboard box full of 50-year old paperbacks...


  1. A shout out to acid free paper!

    Also, I have to share quickly, a bit which happened today. I was clearing out the garage, to take advantage of trash day tomorrow. Over the winter so much accumulates as I am a bit lazy about hauling it to the curb in the slippery, icy conditions.

    Anyway, I placed several old office machine (not monitor, of course) out and before I was done with the project, a truck came by and retrieved them all. The bed of the truck was already almost full of metalic objects. Happily, these will find a new use and not be left to rush and fill the landfill!

  2. Oh, and how could I forget...
    Hurray for cement!

  3. I still have the first paperback book I ever purchased: "Satan in Goray" by Isaac Bashevis Singer.
    It's spine is mended with duct tape, but I still read it about once every four years.

    Not much to look at, these old books, but my library is sewn in the signature of my imagination, not leather binding and gold letters.


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