Thursday, September 9, 2010

The House is Back

Two children on a trampoline—it was the first thing they’d installed—
Bounced high and cried out in delight beneath the shade of grand old trees
Behind the house that had gone south a year and then some month ago;
But it had started going south two years before that time—as I’ve
Related in these random pages a while back one April eve.
The signs of life began to sprout about a week ago when lo,
Behold an SUV with KY plates appeared and soon a rash
Of carpenters and plasterers and landscape architects arrived
And soon whole mounds of trash announced that normalcy would soon prevail.

And that is now.

All things therefore are looking up on Charlesvoix where once, and now
Again perhaps, auto execs did and still do take residence.
Kentucky plates suggest a state where foreign makers sited plants—
Where now the finally reviving two of the Big Three recruit
Freshly minted, trained executives anticipating private
Ownership, Gov Motors just a nightmare the public will forget.
The house gone south, meanwhile, stood empty, still, and uninhabited
And lost net worth enough so it's become a bargain at discount
With this result: it can go north again; it has been turned around.

The children shout
In glee and fright!

The prelude to this finale is here.

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  1. How nice.
    Yes, restoration to life is uplifting.
    Here, in our circle, another of our friends, long out of work, started a new job on Tuesday. (Bill and Theresa's son and Stephanie's father, Steve). It was uplifting for so many of us just to witness this return to stability... in the nick-of-time!


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