Sunday, July 14, 2013

Absolute Sunrise

It’s early, too early for things to kick off,
But the light has invaded in force from the east.
A vivid yellow slant marks a part of the door
Of our garage—why slanted, that light? Who knows?
—while all else remains in shade and waits in a
Kind of immobility as if this yard
Were not moistly alive, but were instead painted
On Reality’s translucent canvas and
Represented mere drips and drabs and smears of
Primordial color to indicate, to point,
Rather than to mark some kind of substantiality.

Tall hosta blooms, delicate blue, hang like bells
And wait for the ringer who sleeps still in some
Narrow Quasi Modo garret hidden somewhere
And swirled about by dreams. Not a leaf stirs, not
Low, not high. Silence reigns in this absolute
Sunrise until, suddenly, a single bird’s
Keen tweet reminds me that the day, officially
already on, will soon disrupt this magic pause.

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  1. Ah, this is lovely. Such moments of still beauty are precious and you capture that perfectly.


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