Monday, July 8, 2013

Stella Passed Le Bac!

A great delight touched the family when word reached us here on July 5 that Stella had passed her baccalauréat. Many fingers had been crossed and earnest prayers said in the evenings as the test approached. Le bac is officially a national examination administered to determine if students are qualified for college or university examination. It is administered by locally by delegation from the Minister of National Education in France. It looks like a high school diploma but serves another purpose. Hence, in the European cultural setting, it is far more important. Stella wishes to study music. She had applied for acceptance at a well known academy—and had been accepted there provisionally. She would be enrolled if she obtained her baccalauréat. Not only did she do it, she also had very fine grades, not least in philosophy, where the test assignment was to write an essay on a text from St. Anselm. At the moment we lack other details on that particular part of the test. Fireworks and Jubilation! And Congratulations, dear Stella. So happy. So glad!

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