Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Street Repairs Completed

My last report on street repairs took place on June 22 (link). Now, some 39 days later, the scraping of our old surface—and many and varied other adjustments to it, not least the replacement of defective curbing—ended today with final repaving. Herewith some shots of the process.

Much as scraping the street required a large initially empty truck going ahead of a scraper, so this process was the repeat of the first. A large and initially full truck, carrying asphalt, moved ahead of the paver. But a month-and-a-week ago, when the truck was full of debris, it departed. This time, when the truck was empty of asphalt it went on its way. In both cases the active machinery had to wait for the next truck.

The first picture shows the arrangement for paving, the caravan approaching us on the other side of the street. The second photo shows the result—and presents a nice before-and-after. In the third shot the paver is just passing our drive-way, putting down the hot asphalt (300° F). In the last picture, the roller is smoothening the surface left rough by some careful raking undertaken by the men after the paver had passed.

A nice birthday gift, you might say. But how did they know to do it today?

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  1. Oh, how nice. Although I prefer concrete, it isn't really necessary on a road traveled as lightly as this one. The new road looks nice, makes me want to pull out a pair of roller skates!


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