Friday, July 26, 2013

Enriched Vocabulary

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (a Washington non-profit), publishes Nutrition Action. Brigitte reads it in her role as Secretary of Health and Wellbeing around here—and I read what she points out to me. Today she pointed out an amusing regular feature in Nutrition Action, side-by-side columns of which one is headed “Right Stuff” and the other “Food Porn.” In the current issue, Right Stuff is Organic Garbanzo Beans, Food Porn is Denny’s Macho Nacho Burger. Mind you, Nutrition Action may not have enriched our vocabulary by introducing food porn, but I credit them with giving that phrase some juicy illustration.

Occurs to me, reading Ellis Peter’s series of Cadfael novels again (something analogous to organic garbanzo beans in the literary realm), that foods you’d never find anywhere in the twelfth century of Brother Cadfael’s England should be avoided in the here and now. All else is safe to eat.

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