Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Repast Recalled

My gourmet chef she served me beets royale!
Their stems, dark lush, were still attached,
Their sectioned halves a rouge cabal
Of morsels octopus.

The soup with parsley’s rich mirage in bowl
Of steaming broth above
The cous-and-cous affirmed her role
As chef splendiferous.

Last came a fruit compote, a dish divine
In which the berries made of straw
And other fruit combined to brine
Nicely acidulous.

Truly her art is purest elegance
And carried off with flourish light
To minimize its relevance
To her own genius.

1 comment:

  1. Between you and your gourmet chef, you guys will eventually convert me poetry! This is just lovely.
    For lunch today - Sept 1 - MY gourmet chef made us gaspatcho, pasta and (green) zucchini delight and peach crumble...MMMMM! As Max and Stella were grumbling and fighting, I decided it was time to say "grace" so we folded our hands, shut our mouths and I thanked Thierry for our lovely meal. In our family, saying grace is the equivalent of first graders putting their heads down on their folded arms until quiet returns to the classroom! After that, we enjoyed the gourmet dishes over lively discussion of whether or not swine flu really exists...


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