Monday, November 2, 2009

Tomato Manikin

This is the last tomato we managed to grow this season. He does not seem very happy, regretting coming late enough to miss just about the whole of summer. “He talks to me,” Brigitte says, and indeed, he seems to. The markings are entirely natural, although the festive gown and the supporting toothpick are donations from humanity. Brigitte also likes to speak of this little fellow as her Tomato Pumpkin or Tompkin...

To make this introduction a little more formal, this small gentleman’s full name is Mr. Tompkin Lycopersicon esculentum, meaning edible wolf’s peach. The name in the Vulgate, as it were, is Yellow Cherry Tomato. This variety is quite small, about the size shown when full grown, and to the taste very sweet.


  1. Ah, Brigitte the namer! S. of Gettysburg Family said, when we were looking for a name for Le Fish that her family doesn't name fish. I thought then, "Boy our family, especially my mother, names everything!" Dead crabs on the beach, trees fleeting by us as we drive, Mom even used to sing "Born Free" to hairs that she'd inadvertently shed. So this amazing tomato, but of course! And an amazing name to boot!


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