Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wrought Riches

On her visit over the Thanksgiving holiday, Michelle brought us an exquisite album of wrought iron images she had taken in France over a number of visits here and there—titled Iron, Lace, Leaves and Light. Then, on the day of her departure, she left a CD with additional photos—some 402 of them! The picture shown here, one of those in the album, I chose for display because the talented photographer is herself dimly visible behind the iron.

In this and other pictures on this blog, the technical distinction between cast and wrought is not reflected in the blog entry titles. The screen in this photo shows cast iron, more common in that land of grills than wrought. The significant cost difference between the two explains that. But the effect is pleasing. With such riches in iron—and, incidentally, of the architecture of France revealed in fragments—my ability, occasionally, to lighten up the discourse has been greatly enhanced. Thank you, Michelle!


  1. Oh, shoot. I meant to look at that book when I was over there last Saturday, and then I got entirely distracted by our celebration of the magnitude of *me*.

    I reckon I'll just have to go to Paris to see it.

  2. Going to Paris is a good idea, in any case, but the album is still here, so the delight is still ahead of you--and in the nearer term.

  3. Yeah, Mom's a GREAT photographer. She's been turning down demands from National Geographic to do a piece on Lisbon at Christmas. She really loves her low-paying hospital job and her friendly director of human ressources too much to give it all up. Still, for a while there, she was just a little TOO obsessed with fer forgé. 402 photos... the number says it all. We couldn't walk two meters without her stopping.

  4. Well, my dear pirates, your patience was well worth it. That book of photos is a truly lovely thing to behold! You have a treat ahead, John.


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