Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Welcome Back

The temperature now hovering near 60° F…and eyeing the disorder in our backyard from the bedroom window, I glimpsed the first rabbit of 2010 in the backyard of our neighbor. Remembering my boyhood skills learned pretending to be a Redskin, I made a very slow and noiseless approach, shielded by trees, to take this commemorative picture of a member of the family of Leporidae. Note, please, the snow still on the ground.


  1. Katie the Beagle volunteers to make the next approach. She does not, however, promise that it will be slow or noiseless.

  2. Yes, the rabbits are back and while I have yet to see one myself, Katie the Beagle certainly has. She has gone into her rabbit tracking, frenzied mode at least three times in the last ten days.

    Also back are skunks... the knowledge of which keeps me very attentive during evening walks. Happily, darkness is coming later and later.

    To Spring!