Wednesday, June 23, 2010

1-0! Bravo!

It happened in the 91st minute of a very hard-fought and tense game, thus in the extra three minutes of play added after the obligatory 90 minutes to make up for interruptions during the 0-0 game itself. It seemed like a miracle! The U.S. team moves on. Good show! This was the most sudden, the most surprising, and the most stunningly satisfying experience I’ve had watching sports in at least a decade.

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  1. Yippee!!!

    While I didn't see the game, I saw enough of it to see that it was one of the better ones Iv'e watched in this World Cup so far. There've been a whole lot of stinkers... I'll encourage John to write up a post on one of his interesting threories about why that is.

    But for now, I will relish the success of our team, getting through to the next round for the first time. YIPPEE!!