Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tiki-Night and Fireworks at Wolverine Lake

Our traditional Independence Day celebration always takes place at Wolverine Lake, on the West Side of our metro area, where Monique and John host Tiki-Night and the fire works are brought to us on July the third by the Lake Wolverine community. We’ve had extraordinarily good fortune with the weather going back a decade now. It has never been cloudy; it has never rained; touch wood. Pictures courtesy of my humble little Kodak camera; it is just about to turn one year old. What picture can’t you take, little Kodak?


  1. You caught the late sunset horizon and the shimmering lake just before darkness fell. Some mini hot-air balloons were released floating up and competing with the glimmer of countless stars up high. It was magical!

  2. And we were once again very happy to have you there. That late sunset time just before the fireworks go up with the tikis all lit around the lake is indeed magical.

    Another successful Tiki Night in the books.

  3. Great photos! How we wish we'd been there too...

  4. A decade of Tiki Nights, amazing.
    So glad we could share them with you guys. And, one year again soon, with the French contingent too.

    Your photos came out beautifully. I have some too and will put them on a CD for you.