Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Flurry of Construction

I noted on LaMarotte that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has at least managed to produce some road signs announcing that constructions will commence one of these days. That’s the public kind, of course. But we’ve noted quite a flurry of private construction in this neighborhood, and that kind is visibly taking place. The folks across the way have added a big chunk to the back of their house to accommodate four children who’ve suddenly turned into teenagers. Two other houses have had signs out. Workmen’s vans have been preempting daytime parking on the street. Now we too have weighed in with a project of our own—some long-delayed plaster work to spruce up several rooms. Still ahead are other projects, not least the replacement of a garage that used to look like this A but now looks like this A. Before it completely topples over, it must go. Talking to the contractor, I’ve learned that he and others are very busy. Housing starts are dead in the water, but no one indicator always tells the whole story. Instead of moving, people are making changes to the places where they live. I’m sorting out the garage bit by bit in what amounts to—in that crowded place used mostly for storage—exploratory surgery. I emerge from the place looking like a chimney sweep. It makes for a change—and my hands are beginning to feel like sand paper…


  1. As a result of this "exploratory surgery" many long-lost treasures have been found among all that other disposable may be uncovered from an anthropological dig. Those old diaries and notebooks have made me keenly aware, once more, of the unstoppable passage of time and life.

  2. We've seen an up-tick in building activity around here too. Making do and sprucing up. A hopeful sign for the most part.