Wednesday, March 16, 2011

State of the Village

Our own John Magee, who is president of the village council of Wolverine Lake, MI, provides a summary of his State of the Village presentation to the community on his website, here. Wolverine Lake is a small community of 4,415 people (2000 Census) on the western edge of the Detroit Metro area. It is a lake community. The population described in other ways is 1,671 households and 1,253 families. The report is well-worth reading in order to get a feel for what governance means at this you might say cellular level of American life. Things are quite complex. As members of the family, we know a lot of details hidden behind the points John makes, and every time we hear about them, the same thought occurs to me: Nothing’s simple, and the world’s complexity is all there at the lowest levels. The work that goes into being the president of a village council is enormous—and compensated with the great Nada. It’s a labor of love. This month’s theme on this blog is the search for sanity, and John's report is a worthy contribution to that search!


  1. How interesting that this should be featured in "the search for sanity" when half the time it feels as if assorted village issues may be what drives me around the bend for good!

  2. But that makes perfectly good sense, John. We need strong, level-headed, and competent leaders to protect us from the madness everywhere; you have these qualities in spades. And one of the best weapons, of course, is a sense of humor!