Tuesday, April 26, 2011

St. Michael Mounted

Another day, another walk...but this time I had my trusty Kodak with me. Therefore I here present a photo of St. Michael mounted on a winged steed, a decoration found on St. Michael's Episcopal Church in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI (on the back entrance of one of its wings). I referred to this image in a post on Borderzone a few days back (“Winged Migration.”)

Herewith an attractive walkway connecting that wing to a tower:

Half the fun of taking walks is keeping the eyes open and giving thoughts that rise the freedom to proceed...


  1. That's quite a find; very unexpected. You're right that it shows that we should keep our eyes open on walks!

    By curious happenstance, I recently happened upon an iconic predecessor (the only one ever, as far as I know). Blogger is not liking it when I put links in, but you can find it online by googling the phrase:

    st. michael archistrategos, Kluppel

    Or just "st. michael archistrategos" (although that turns up many others as well).

  2. Fascinating, Brandon. Now we know of at least two images of St. Michael on horseback to exist. I will attempt to put the link you had in mind here.

  3. I like St. Mike "Top Brass" (a better translation of "archistrategos" than "commander of heavenly hosts").
    I used to play baseball next door, drink milk shakes at the long-gone HoJo's, bowl at the long-gone bowling alley (that had become the recently departed Red Lobster) and so on.
    Waited in Parcell's parking lot to pick kids up after dances...

    The winged horse is truly strange for a Christian icon, come to think of it.