Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Get Rid of the Black Navbar Google

The navigation bar on Google’s search engine has now been changed—and if it offends you, you can’t get rid of it if you use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Users of Firefox, Chrome, and Opera can use a work-around, but it is—a work-around.

This reminds me of New Coke. Eventually all of us who promptly switched to drinking Pepsi, Royal Crown, and other soft drinks made Coca Cola see the light, and New Coke bubbled away. I hope the same thing happens to Google’s black navbar—hard to read and a disfigurement, like a huge and ugly wart on a likeable face.


  1. I agree and as this message is likely not to go through, let me add that I am really tired of Google right now... I'm sucha loyal user and they just will not let me comment on Blogger blogs, even though I'm signed in and using Gmail right now!

  2. Monique: Google has been changes all over the place; one of my sites (LaMarotte) is molasses slow. Why? Don't know.

    The oddity on commenting is that you need to sign in from an ordinary Google page, not a blog. Then, later, going on a blog to comment, it will work there too, selecting the Google option. But why not from within a blog?

    I had to install Internet 9 for Brigitte because she couldn't comment on Siris. Wild. And now that #$@!*) black navbar!

  3. There does seem to have been an amazing amount of inconsistency in Google behavior recently.

    When I first joined Blogger it was independent; it was often temperamental. When Google bought it, everything became much, much better, for several years. But recently there have been these strange aberrations coming from Google. So far they've all been temporary, but they seem to be happening a lot.

    Apparently you're not the only one complaining about the navbar colors, so hopefully it's temporary, too.

    I wonder what the commenting problem was.

  4. Brandon: Commentin problem was in Sign in. Attempting to comment, but not signed in to Google yet, the prompts on Siris guiding the user to select an identity simply did not respond to clicks at all. Checking on this, I discovered that Brigitte could not even reach her own Google Account settings from anywhere, not just Siris, within Internet Version 7. I installed Version 9. Now she could sign in before visiting Siris, and she would then be visible there and no longer prompted to select a profile. Problem solved. But the underlying issue may still be there for others.


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