Saturday, April 7, 2012

In Notre Dame Cathedral Tonight

The web site of the Notre Dame cathedral has the following description of the Paschal Vigil to be celebrated at 9:00 pm French time (link); a translation follows:

Depuis les temps les plus reculés, cette nuit est une veille en l’honneur du Seigneur, et la veillée célébrée cette nuit, en commémorant la nuit sainte où le Seigneur est ressuscité, est tenue pour la mère de toutes les saintes veillées. Elle est le passage des ténèbres à la lumière, la victoire du Christ sur la mort. C’est pourquoi, dans la nuit, le feu et le cierge de Pâques seront allumés. La flamme du cierge pascal sera transmise aux fidèles. Comme dans des centaines de paroisses en France, des baptêmes d’adultes seront célébrés au cours de la Vigile à la cathédrale et la communauté des croyants sera invitée à renouveller avec eux la promesse du baptême, nouvelle naissance en Christ ressuscité.

Since ancient times, tonight is a vigil in honor of the Lord, and the vigil celebrated this night commemorates the holy night when the Lord was resurrected, the ultimate of holy vigils. It represents a passage from darkness to light, Christ’s victory over death. For this reason, in the night fire and the flame of the Paschal candle are lit and passed to the faithful. As in hundreds of parishes in France, adult baptisms will be celebrated during the Vigil at the Cathedral and the community of believers will be invited to renew, with them, the promise of baptism, new birth in Christ resurrected.

The celebrant is André Ving-Trois, the archbishop of Paris. One of the adults baptized there tonight and received into the Catholic Church is our daughter, Michelle. What more can we say? She has always known her own mind and knew how to pick an event. To be sure, this outcome surprised her as much as the profound conversion experience that led to it quite a while ago. My sister Susie is Michelle’s Godmother. Our prayers are with them.


  1. Lovely!
    We are there in spirit, of course. How nice it would be to also be there physically...
    To rebirth, new beginnings, and rejuvenation!

  2. Congratulations to Michelle; my prayers go with her. I'll be participating in the Easter Vigil as a reader at my parish church here in Austin, so in a sense I'll be participating in the same event -- separated only by many, many miles and the turning of the earth -- so this will remind me that the Easter Vigil is more than just what's happening around me. Crux stat dum volvitur orbis.

    I imagine, though, that she'll be seeing a much, much more impressive part of the Vigil. Notre Dame!

  3. Your prayers,Brandon, added to our own and those of other friends and family members, will enfold Michelle with much love tonight. Many thanks and a very Happy Easter to you... from just a few miles away.


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