Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Trees in Agitation

Trees in agitation shake their heads and moan.
Quite wildly now and then they groan and swoon.
Trees in agitation throw up their arms and hiss.
What anguish, sighs, what horror’s causing this?
Trees in agitation seem to tear their dress,
Eyeless Arab women pulling their hair in stress.
Trees in agitation straining branch and leaf,
They ululate and shriek their energetic grief. 
Back and forth they surge, wildly distorted forms.
What bothers them? The sky is free of storms.
Power lines behind the house echo in empathy,
More gently than the trees they move in sympathy.
It’s still down where I sit; no sign of any motion.
A high wind’s causing the arboreal commotion.

The situation yesterday morning...

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