Thursday, January 31, 2013

It’s Five After

Five after thirteen, you might say—in annual time. Actually it will be five after in about a minute or so of clock time. The first month of the year is already over. In a swoosh and in a whirl. As we age, time speeds up, and a month is like five minutes, which is also arithmetically accurate. One twelfth is equal to five sixtieth, 8.333… percent.  Precision then breaks down a little. If a month is five annual minutes, one minute should be a week. Indeed this month had three full weeks but two others were but partial, the first beginning on a Tuesday, the last ending on a Thursday. The analogy disappears below that. The minute only has seven seconds; but those seconds at least have names: Monday, Tuesday, etc. Anyway—good enough for noodling on a pad…

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