Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Autumnal Equinox Not

I rarely let an equinox (or solstice, for that matter) pass without at least a nod on this, of late much-neglected, blog. Today is one day after the autumnal equinox, as held by global consensus, but while nothing deters the sun from meeting its appointed rounds, humanity is more subject to pressures of the sort the sun, thank the Lord, never feels. Better late than never.

Above I say “by global consensus” because the equinox took place here (Detroit region) on Monday, the 22rd. But elsewhere in the world, say in Budapest, the city of my birth, it took place on Tuesday, the 23rd. Based on this site, which lists 145 major cities around the globe, a minority of 53 places experienced the equinox on Monday, a majority of 92 experienced it Tuesday. And I celebrate it Wednesday. Have rarely felt comfortable with results based on majority vote…

How it comes about that twice each year day and night have the same length is explained in this earlier blog post (link). I keep revisiting that post because celestial geometry is several levels above my mental pay-grade. So now we are a-march again, from equinox to solstice, with the days shortening but, I hope, our spirits gaining light.

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