Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Year of Transition

Since the commencement of this blog, one day in each year, December 31, has never failed to have a posting. The thematics have been gates, time and our perception of it, and transition symbolized by a bridge. In this year 2014, the year itself was one of transition from east to west—but that transition took place almost exactly in the middle of the year, on July 9 when the movers came and transported our worldly goods (the things you eventually leave behind—when going West) from our old house on McKinley to our new one on Wolverine Drive.

That change, too, may be pictured as a Gate—although this one has no particular esthetic charm. But since our huge yard is all fenced in—and Katie the Beagle is one of our frequent visitors, the Gate has its entirely utilitarian uses as well.

We are what those who live on the lake refer to us as “backlotters.” But our back lot is close enough to the water so that, from our Gate, we get a glimpse of Lake Wolverine itself. There is a little segment of it dead ahead, the water frozen at the moment. We’ve had very cold weather these past few days. But as it warms again, which is quite likely, we may frequently see swans transiting that gap.

Six months there, six months here. It all happened way too fast—except for the sale of our old house, which happened even faster. Yes, in a week! And for that, particularly in today’s still ailing housing market, we consider the sale of McKinley one of the Miracles of 2014.

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