Friday, January 1, 2016

Through Nature's Eyes

Green grass shows through half-hearted snow.
The sky is uniformly grey.
The evergreens are tall and dark.
The other trees are stark and bare.
A few new flakes began to fall,
Slightly angled in descent,
A while ago, as I looked out
Struck by silence and by the same,
The same old face of Nature,
Always there, moving or still,
Ever-changing yet stubbornly
Still the same, standing, lying down—
Like that grass under its frowning snow.
Now new snow is falling thicker.
A small gust sweeps a curl of it
Right off the roof. The house
Back there is still asleep,
Its windows dark, the blue tarp
Covering a boat still dully blue.
It’s January 1st out there,
A new beginning—but Nature’s
Eyes see just another day.


  1. Just checking whether Comments work....

  2. A lovely first poem for 2016! Iy made me think that we humans, unlike Mother Nature perhaps, do measure time and space and many other things, to celebrate, mourn and remember events by designating their recurrence as special days- anniversaries - on our calendars. That's how we organize our lives. The passage of 365 days, our year, may not be meaningful, indeed; but somehow we expect Nature to remember and show us seasonal changes on a more or less regular schedule; and we a;so grumble when such changes do not manifest as we expect. Is it then all in the eyes of the beholder, as you you say at the end of the poem? I wonder...

  3. Ooops, My inner editor is mortified... should not have pressed Enter on the above comment before rereading it. Of course, you could've corrected the typos...

  4. Sorry there, Montag. I don't get notifications quite as unfailingly as I used to.

    Brigitte, never mind typographical perfection. It's the thought....