Friday, May 8, 2009

One Size is Fine

One-size-fits-all-big government takeover of health care. John McCain and others.
In what way, pray tell, does shoe-size really relate to health-care plans? Suppose we had a national health plan that provided medical services for actual ailments, preventive care, catastrophic care, psychiatric, dental, and optical care, hospitalization, sports as well as accidental injuries, pharmaceuticals, other medications, physical therapy, pregnancy, long-term care, acute and chronic conditions—in short for any and all matters that normally fit under the category of health care? I wave my hand. Here it is. Here is the program. It covers everybody in the same way: embryos to the oldest still alive, with or without preexisting conditions, whether acquired carelessly or innocently. Get it? Everything. Now what aspect of this program—provided something wonderful like that would be available—wouldn’t fit someone? That size should fit one and all. And if, by some innocent omission, I missed something in the above, the person who has it can go with my blessing to Mexico, Mali, Madras to get it taken care of there. I’ll chip in to help buy the ticket.

Controlling an irrational seizure, I write myself a personal note and underline it six times in heavy marker pen: Thou shalt Not watch congressional hearings on health care reform. It may be injurious to your health.


  1. I can just imagine how pompously and self rightously Mr. McCain must have said those words to get you so riled up.

    You point is well made. Happily, I think out medical delivery system is now such a rediculous mess that most peopel actual favor some sort of rational alternative. Not that I'm in any way deluded enough to imagine that designing such an alternative system will be easy or that consenus on the details will come easily...

  2. In the usual course of things, something will happen, but I fear it will be too much compromised. Unless this Administration really pulls one off. Let's hope.

  3. I see that we have the same fears... about a mish-mash solution to our health care woes.

    Keep on blogging, I do love your posts, and am just catching up tonight your weekend's postings.


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