Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Precision Mail

I was told by a reliable source that you were an unabashed conservative. Is that true? I sure hope so… Because the fight to TAKE BACK our country begins NOW, Ms Brigitte Darnay!
She read this message to me off the face of a direct mail envelope. I laughed spontaneously. Out in the sunroom we were, drenched in May light. Some of you know her well—and you will have also laughed. It’s truly funny. Oh Great Database, oh Holy Computer. How wise and true your aim, how marvelous your underlying logic. Oh, yes, Brigitte’s tendrils touch every interest; curiosity and wonder draw her on; nothing human is alien to her; her range extends from the lunatic fringe to wisdom’s Himalayas. And, to be sure, nothing propinques like propinquity, and if it’s in this barrel, surely it must be a fish.

I understand from news accounts that right wing groups are mounting big drives to defeat the next nominee to the highest court—whoever she is. They don’t think they can defeat the nomination, but the fight might open the purses of all those unabashed conservatives the Holy Computer has fished from the barrel. Money will flood in. Not from my unabashed conservative companion, but then the world today plays by the probabilities. Most of the names in the barrel are fish, and some can even write checks, and if the ratio of postage to yield is good enough, who cares, really, if precision mail occasionally hits the wrong target.

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  1. Ha, ha, ha... We got the same letter, or, I should say, John did. Yes, John, another unabashed conservative! All I can conclude is that the senders got their hands on a list of subscribers to "The American Conservative." Little do they realize that many readers of that fine journal are not in the camp they are envisioning. Hee, hee, hee.

    Mass marketing, not always what it is cracked up to be...


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