Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Geo Puzzle

A puzzle in time also saves time—at a time when time is in short supply. This one is rather fun especially in our circle of reference publishing; we deal with States of the Union all the time. The puzzle is available here. Comment with your score and I’ll (reluctantly) confess mine. This one comes from my dear brother, Baldy. His scores are, as you might guess, if you know him, high!


  1. Score : 86%; Average error : 20 miles; Time : 293 seconds (I only realized about a third in I needed to be FAST!) Of the three who have thus far played, I AM the only true American, despite being French! And now I really have to go to work.

  2. You've set the new record to beat. My score was 80%, 54 miles, 580 seconds.


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