Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One New, One Old

Written this morning.

Haiku in Three Drips

The rain stopped falling
At half past five, but a fast
Relentless drop kept

Me awake, its beat
Against the gutter’s steel, ping,
Ping, ping, ping, ping was

A Chinese water
Torture insisting on its
Own sharp Summer sound.


Written on July 13, 1999 for Brigitte.

A Triplet of Haikus 4U

Before it really
Dawns, the birds noise somewhere near.
An owl hoots. Summer.

In the silence I
Hear the clock thump like a heart
On the sunroom shelf.

Above these faint sounds,
Unseen but not unaware,
God watches you sleep.


Note for John: Alas, they are a family heritage. They sprout spontaneously where poets reside.


  1. Family haiku:
    We taught Henry and Malcolm
    Syllables today.

  2. Parse this: I anticipate a splendid haiku in French on Pontoon Pirates.

  3. Dungons and dragons
    Will be played on the morrow
    After more carp are sought


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