Thursday, August 13, 2009

Architects' Lace

These pictures courtesy of Michelle, Ghulfdom’s permanent ambassador to France. She took the first photo during her recent vacation to Candes-Saint-Martin, a lovely old town south-west of Paris in the valley of the Loire. The name of the place, evoking St. Martin, famously of Tours, but born in Hungary—and furthermore lending his name and fame to our own family, which is known as Szentmartoni Darnay, gives this gate, photographed because it caught Michelle’s eye, special significance. The town is also south and west of Tours, where St. Martin ended his days and where Michelle lived and went to school… But on this subject some other time.

With that photo in her camera, Michelle read my post on Wrought Iron in which I evoke memories of Paris and of window sills. She went right out and took some pictures in her neighborhood. And those are now here to see, instantly, as it were, thanks for the invisible lace of electromagnetism. Until I got her e-mail I had not heard the charming description of wrought iron as “architects’ lace.”

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