Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer's Peak

A brief celebration of a gift and its giver. I received a little Kodak camera for my birthday. The world’s brim full of them so that, at large public gatherings, you can’t see the event, performance, or display because a sea of arms lifted holding cameras or telephones—one no longer knows which is which—blocks your view. But in the deep hole of the past where Brigitte and I live no such devices have been available until now. Monique had to test the little thing before trusting to wrap it, and one of the first images I found on it after learning the scary process of USB porting was the lovely celebration of summer’s peak that Monique produced by looking through the lens at a little piece of her own garden fence. Tomatoes grow behind those slats and a pear tree, tended by John over several seasons, is now finally spreading its branches over that fencing as well. Altogether lovely. My heartfelt thanks!

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  1. You are most welcome. We are just very pleased to see that you seem to be enjoying the little camera quite a bit. It is funny how such a device or tool works, its product so colored by the user. The picture you provide for today's Rays of Sunshine posting is a case in point. Lovely.

    Enjoy! We will look forward to seeing the fruits of your experimentation with a digital camera.


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