Friday, February 26, 2010

Hidden Rainbow

The frown of words must sometimes be relieved by a bit of illumination. Looking at some pictures—while also reorganizing the mass of images that have begun to crowd my black machine—I came across a photograph taken by son-in-law John Magee in California. I use that picture as the illustration on LaMarotte, my sometimes edgy commentary on all things secular. The picture on LaMarotte has a somber sort of feel. But the original from which I cropped it, had to crop it in effect, was taken for another reason—visible in the photograph above. There it is, the hidden rainbow—always present in life no matter what happens, whether visible or not.


  1. That image is lovely and evokes in me such a strange sense of awe and calm combined.

    There are, in fact, two rainbows visible in that shot and there were two, distinct rainbows straddling the Pacific Highway that day. Nice.

  2. Yes, it's visible--and I thought I'd let the reader discover it...