Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fuzz is Fine

If the image isn’t blurry, a slightly fuzzy photo’s fine.
From a distance skin has an angelic surface. From up close it
Looks like a terrain seen from the air, flying a plane. Magic comes
From distance, not from nearness—if we consult the eye. A baby’s
Features turn right geologic as we magnify the view and
Thus descend to levels where almost invisibly tiny hairs
Become the stark, rough, woody, all too grown-up trunks of massive trees.

Picture of human skin courtesy of here.
Picture of human hair courtesy of here.

1 comment:

  1. Perspectives, so nice.

    I alwasy loved watching the world from on high while flying. Landings and take-offs were especially nice because of the changing perspectives. Reminds me of that fabulous book that Michelle and Thierry gave you two for Christmas one year. Truly amazing photos from on high, if you will.

    I must say, when it ocmes to skin, the distance helps A LOT!