Saturday, May 1, 2010

Heard Myself Saying It

It’s not a major problem to persuade a majority to vote for self-indulgence.
We were driving on the highway—and I was just reacting to something we’d heard on the news. It just popped out. Thus are epigrams born. The difference between a famous one and millions of others entirely forgotten is that the person who said it has a name and it was picked up in a speech or in some bit of writing... A good modern use of the epigram, however, once we notice it, is to build it into a quick blog post, as I’ve learned from the Maverick Philosopher, as for instance here and here.


  1. Indeed, my experience is that the real challenge is to get the majority to vote for the good of everybody, not just themselves.

  2. I like this idea, of a brief post based on a creative aphorism. I looked at the MAverick Philosopher's posts too. Fun.