Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Editorial Events

I am at present engaged in what we hope will be the last proofing of Anna’s Song, the last volume of the Ghulf Trilogy. The first two volumes have been available for a while now, but the third has lagged in time as we sort out the whole approach to publishing. We anticipate issuing all three books with new covers, and all typos removed, in the near future. I just now came across a parenthetically described painting made by an artist in the “famous” Anan style. I thought I’d reproduce it:
(The painting was a typical Santa Ana mirage. It showed one of the famous Kataklismos peaks, the Needle, and circling it two people using lash-on wings—which was quite common on that planet. They held hands. They were very far away—but, again in Anan style, this image was artfully constructed so that their faces appeared as if in close-up shimmering up from a dark pool formed in a hollow, mossy rock. Two old people, their faces not visible, stared into the waters of their youth.)
My doctors have also, coincidentally, decided that my body requires some very late but minor editorial fixes. Thus some jolly good medical events loom ahead. Improvements are always welcome, I think, no matter how late they’re made. Thus if entries are a bit sparse for a while, those are the reasons why…


  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery from your minor medical editorial fixes!