Monday, December 27, 2010

Libraries, Librarians

I’ve been very lucky to receive a complete and wonderful 1956 Encyclopedia Britannica for Christmas. On that more elsewhere, but it is at least one reason for today’s posting on libraries and librarians (ht here and the link here.). Not just libraries but librarians as well play an extraordinary role in the life of the Ghulf Genes, hence this link will be of interest to quite a few of you out there.


  1. Oh, what a lovely post you link to (the Faith-Theology blog). Thanks!

    I think I'll run over to the new Glens Falls library right now. I have been meaning to do that on this visit and time is running out. I wish we'd have done that together for an hour during the holiday gathering...

  2. When Gale was still Gale, Mr. Fred Ruffner should have published a book of library pictures from around the world. It would surely have been a hefty and gorgeous bestseller.

    I can only imagine the thrill such a project would have been for the Gale/Hopkins crew.

    Thanks for providing this link, Arsen.