Thursday, September 8, 2011

Primary Debates as Mating Ritual

The female courted is the party’s hard core constituency, that is to say the female “in heat.” The candidates engage in ritual combat, its real aim trans-rational, biological. Doesn’t matter diddly what they say. It’s the aura, stupid, the “charisma.” (When I came to this country most people in politics didn’t even know that word, now it is as well known as “environment,” another newcomer. And that, I suppose, is “progress.”) Funny how rapidly Michelle “Straw Vote Winner” Bachman faded from the scene as soon as two viable male contenders finally surfaced, Mitt and Rick. My Job-Creation is bigger than yours. The media aswarm around them are the eunuchs or other kinds of neuters, famed throughout history for loving to groom those who have real potency; they also fancy themselves, secretly, to be the real dispensers of power.

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