Monday, September 5, 2011

Transit to Chrome

Discovered this morning that Google’s blogger no longer supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 7—an unpleasant surprise. I installed the newer Version 9 with some trepidation. Having done so on Brigitte’s machine some months ago, I knew that it would slow things down. The process these days, in MS land, seems to be to pile new code on top of old to counter new security threats—rather than the much more costly process of redoing things from the bottom up—which has always been our policy at Editorial Code and Data, Inc. Sure enough. Having done it once before, the transit was just a shade faster—but the results mind-numbingly slower.

A good while back I gave Google’s own Chrome browser a try. It worked well a while back, but that was an early trial version. I went back to Microsoft. Today, in frustration, I fetched Chrome for a second time. I had it up and working in a matter literally of minutes. True, it took another half an hour before I’d replicated the Favorites pull-down menu, which in Chrome-land is called a Bookmark (but turns out to be a bookmark folder—and you can line these up in multiples, if you wish). In the MS-world it’s part of a Menu. Chrome also had a facility to import my favorites from Microsoft, so the process was simple enough. And the overall results were stunning. Chrome works faster than my old Version 7. Promptly went upstairs and replaced Brigitte’s version with Chrome too. Well, actually, “replaced” is the wrong word. Her and my MS v. 9 are also still available. But when one of them makes you wonder if something is wrong, while the other fades into the background because it works so well, guess which one we shall make our default browser?

None of this changes anything you might see here, but my experience might mean something to others who daily struggle to put stuff up on the web.

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